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11th March '19

Some last minute FOH Engineer at The Hazlitt Theatre…
I was honoured to be asked by the Hazlitt Theatre to cover a last minute cancellation by one of their Casual Engineers for a performance of "Bublé meets Sinatra" on 9th March.

We had a great time on the production and everything ran as smooth as silk - the show was a hit and the audience were on their feet.

Click here for a couple of pictures…
17th Feb '19

A new video for Genesis Legacy

I've been working on the new Genesis Legacy video recently. You can see it on the left, and you can find the new Genesis Legacy website at www.genesislegacy.co.uk.

We recorded the video in 4K with multiple camera angles to be assembled in Final Cut.

The audio was multi-tracked live and mixed in Pro Tools to match the sound of the band that audiences will experience during the band's theatre shows.
12th Jan 19

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"The Music Student's Guide to being a music student" now available on iTunes

My first book, "The Music Student's guide to being a music student" is now available on iTunes.

The book gives music students, aiming for a career in full time music, ideas on how to ensure that their career starts the moment that they graduate.

Click here to buy it.
11th Jan '19

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Openings for two new tribute bands - "Endless": Tribute to Toto and "Fearless": Tribute to Taylor Swift.

I'm currently recruiting to form two new tributes bands to Toto and Taylor Swift.

Following on from the success of DS:UK and The Genesis Legacy, I'm looking too expand the company's portfolio with two exclusive groups that will appear in theatres, holiday parks and hotels across the world.

See the blog for more information.
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