Studio time and career advice for younger singers

Are you a young singer wanting to get into music….come and spend a day with me at White Room
If you're a young singer, or you know a young singer, who's thinking about singing professionally - or to earn money at parties and events - come and spend a day at White Room Recording Studio.


Not only will you be able to record professional and commercial sounding tracks, we can also sit down and talk about how you might go about turning your dream of being a singer into a reality.

Here's a bullet list of what to expect from a recording session:

• Record your favourite songs with backing tracks
• Have your voice tuned properly with Auto Tune
• Record as many vocal tracks as you'd like to build up some thick harmonies, voice double tracking - all of the vocal production techniques used by the world's biggest recording artists.
• Have your vocal processed with Reverb, Delay, Chorus and AutoTune effects to give your music a very commercial and current sound.
• Take your music away as an AAC file to upload and share to your friends

White Room charges £140 per day for up to 4 songs recorded, produced and mixed to backing track.

Once your recording is over with, you can sit down with us and talk about how you might go about setting up a career, or a side hobby, as a singer. Whether it's writing and selling your own music or performing at parties, we can give you real world and practical advice on how to set yourself up as a singer.

As musicians and performers who are highly active on the music scenes, we are regularly asked "how do you do it?". We even offer a career counselling service that goes in depth on what individuals need to achieve their career goals.

Realistically - it's a long conversation, but we can go through the basics to start you thinking about how you might go about starting your career as a singer as part of your recording day.

Of course, this can also apply to guitarists as well.

Send us a message now to ask about availability.

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