I am a full time musician and recording engineer with incredible skill, knowledge, experience, and reliability. I have played professionally in function bands, as a soloist and with theatre tribute shows for many years. I have also held residency posts as a musician, DJ and Entertainments Manager and Host.

I'm energetic on stage and engage with audience members and band members. You won't find a better dep candidate.
I'm based in Southampton and happy to drive.
My equipment is all world class quality.

I have years of experience in Theatres, private, corporate, weddings, holiday parks, cruise ships and clubs.

Below, you'll find multiple videos of live and live showreel performances. All are live with no overdubs.


• Equipment •

Keyboards: (Currently playing keys for Seriously Collins Tribute Show and Abba's Angels)

Yamaha S90 88 key Stage Piano
Korg M1 76 key Synth
MainStage (Stable)
Mac Rack Sound banks with a huge palette of contemporary and classic synths including Native Instruments Kontakt, Absynth, Reaktor, Massive, Korg Legacy Collection including M1, Polysix, MS20, Wavestation, Moog and other Logic / MainStage based synths.
Presonus 1810 Audio Interface
MidiSport MIDI Interface

I can perform multiple layers including piano, organ, percussion, brass, polyphonic synth and monophonic lines.

Guitar: (Currently playing Guitar for dS:uK)

Fender MIJ Fender Stratocaster (Texas Specials)
Fender MIJ Fender Stratocaster (EMG SA Trio)
Fender MIM Sunburst (Standard SSS)
Greco Les Paul 1986 MIJ
Custom built Fender Telecaster
Osark Resonator with Pickup
Ibanez Classical Guitar with Pickup

Amps and Effects:
Kemper Profiling Rack Amp with Remote
Boss SD 1 x 2, Cali-76 Compressor

Line 6 Wireless guitar system with 4 Wireless transmitters.


Lead and backing vocals.
Shure SM58 wired


Sennheiser G1 IEM Wireless Monitoring Transmitter/Receiver and Shure 425 IEMs

PA Owner: (Owner of Prestige Sound)

Yamaha DXR10 Pair + 10" Yamaha Subs
Presonus SL32 Series III 32 Channel Digital Mixer
Presonus 32r Mixer and Cat6 Stagebox for the SL32
Stands, Leads, Mics for Drums/Vocals

Key skills:

Live recording and Live Sound Engineering
Extensive PA Knowledge
Good communication
Forward planning
Big stage presence and personality
Audience interaction
Stage etiquette
Customer focused
Smart and professional image
The right attitude towards effective prep and rehearsal

Car owner. Southampton Based.
Valid Passport. No medical problems. Able to be away from the UK for periods in between bookings.

Other skills include:

Web design and management
Graphic design
Video production
Basic photography

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