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The Music Student's Guide is a short e-book that gives music students some integral advice on how to make sure that they're able to start earning money from music as soon as they finish their course.

Chapters include:

Your career starts right now - Understand where your career will realistically start when you complete your course.

How set up a band - Putting a band together is easy. Putting a professional band together is hard. This chapter discusses how to plan a band, recruit the right people, promote your band and get PAID work.

How to become a recording engineer - for the music tech guys or those interested in studio work. This chapter discusses how you can successfully get yourself into a studio and possibly stay there!

Networking - how and where to meet the important music industry people in your area. This chapter also discusses how to set up Jam nights.

How to get gigs - this chapter explains how to get PAID gigs.

Audition technique - all musicians will attend an audition at some point. Understand what the guys running the audition are looking for so that you can always get the jobs you want.

Being a solo artist - learn what it is to be a solo artist and how you can become successful as a soloist.

How to end your career before it's begun - this controversial chapter will discuss some situations that can cause musicians to leave their courses and put their dream in jeopardy.

The rules - the book lays down a number of rules that musicians should live by if they're going to be successful. This chapter summarises the rules.


"I wish I'd read this when I was studying...."

"This book is just as relevant for older musicians as it is for students...."

The e-book is priced at just £3.99 so that it's affordable for all young people.

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