Keys player required for multiple opportunities

I find myself in need of a keys player for multiple shows.

Fearless - The Taylor Swift Experience and Endless - The Toto Tribute require a resident player to take up the permanent seat. Fearless are expected to be busy in the holiday hotel/cruise/park circuits as well as private events and theatres. Endless are expected to take up Theatres and Hotels.

I also require a Keys dep for Genesis Legacy, Seriously Collins and dS:uK on occasion to cover for the resident player who's becoming very very busy with other projects. There are currently dates that require a dep in 2019 and 2020 with more expected to come.

As I prefer to keep my work within a circle - you'll also have the opportunity to join an exciting new theatre show planned for 2021 onwards that can't be revealed at the moment.

£150 fee + reasonable travel receipt.

Players can be local to Kent, local to Southampton or somewhere between to ride with other members of the band where possible.

Please send your showreel to if you're interested.
There'll be an element of sound design involved, but we'll make it worthwhile with additional shows.

You'll be sent multi track recordings of the show to practice to ahead of the performances.

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