Musicians openings for Fearless - The Taylor Swift Experience and Endless - The Toto Tribute

Multiple opening for in development theatre shows

Endless - The Toto Tribute
Fearless - The Taylor Swift Experience

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In 2019, Dave Phillips Music will be developing two brand new top tier shows :
Endless: The Toto Tribute and Fearless - The Taylor Swift Experience.

Both shows will be heading towards theatres and live music venues in 2020 and this is your chance to earn a place in these shows that we expect to be touring the UK and the world once established.

We are looking for the following committed musicians:

Male vocalist - Endless - able to mimic the style of  Bobby Kimball

Bass guitarist - Fearless - ideally with back vocal harmony ability

Keyboards - Fearless + Endless - ideally with backing vocal harmony ability. Must own a contemporary keyboard or software synth rack capable of producing authentic 80’s tones for Endless, and contemporary tones + sample triggering for a Fearless. (The player does not need to apply to work with both bands)

Female Vocalist - Fearless - we are also recruiting an outstanding female vocalist to take the role of Taylor Swift in the Fearless Show. The chosen candidate will have a very strong stage presence and command of the stage, have a similar vocal texture and be able to replicate her style and Southern twang in places. The chosen candidate must be able to interact with an audience very well and be able to generate a good rappor with the onstage musicians.

Ideally, we are looking for musicians and performers who will commit long term to the shows, demonstrate a commitment to developing a top level visual and musical show over a long period of time, and commit to dates that are booked. The players will be excellent communicators, have a professional attitude towards their work and their responsibilities, and be down to Earth and easy to get along with.

Most players for both shows will be able to dep seats out.

Endless will be exclusively to theatres and music venues.

Fearless, due to its nature, will perform at Theatres and music venues, and be made available to holiday parks, cruise ships and hotels across the world.

Fees will sit at £150 per show + reasonable travel to be agreed, with bonuses for high selling shows. Some Holiday park and cruise ship budgets *may* require the occasional lower performance fee. This will increase as the show becomes more regularly booked and there's confidence that the show fees can support the rise.

All musicians will be subject to contract and must commit to a fair rehearsal and promotional video recording schedule to ensure that the show can begin to be advertised at the earliest possible time. 

To apply, send the following to with your name and the show you wish to apply for in the subject line:

* a CV with photo
* your current website and promo video
* video audition pieces of you performing at least two appropriate parts from the back catalogue of the band you’d like to apply for (Taylor Swift or Toto). These are your choice and you should choose parts that will show off your ability to convince us that you can meet the requirements of the roles, as detailed above. (Cell phone footage is fine)

Applications should include all of the above. Please note that all applications should include everything asked for above, and applications that don’t include these requirements  may be discounted or not prioritised. Applications and enquiries MUST be by email only.

Those who demonstrate the appropriate skills required for these roles will be asked to attend a live audition and meeting before being selected. Those not selected for the principle musicians may be offered dep opportunities. 

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