Facebook Business page "Response" tracker SUCKS!

My biggest gripe with Facebook right now
A feature appeared a number of months ago; no announcement, no explanation, no highlighting - something that pisses me off more than anything Facebook has done so far - it’s the frickin’ “response time” rating on business pages.


I get the sentiment, but I absolutely do not appreciate the psychological strangle hold that this little algorithm has on a Page admin.

In short, it encourages customers to contact businesses through their Facebook pages and it encourages businesses to respond immediately. The quicker you respond - the better your profile on the page looks.

The problem is that it’s un-manageable. For companies that employ people to sit on their social media accounts non stop, it’s going to be fairly easy to keep on top of. But for smaller business, or people who administer multiple Pages, it’s just not practical and I feel that it unfairly portrays a negative image on the product or business that the Page is advertising.

My situation is a perfect example; I manage 4 pages!

White Room Recording Studio
EverClare Party Band
Dire Straits Tribute Band
Front of House Management

I also don’t sit on Facebook all day every day. I have notifications turned off on my Mac and my phone because I was forever being beeped when someone’s friend of a friend tagged them in a picture of their breakfast. I don’t see notifications unless I log onto Facebook and physically look. I’m happy with that. So, as a result, I can go a whole day without looking at Facebook - especially when I’m having a busy day in the Studios - and I can miss messages that go to the Facebook page. That affects my page!!

Now, to be honest, I really don’t like messages to the Facebook page. I don’t really like discussing business through Facebook. I’ll direct people to email me to continue a conversation as soon as I can. I pick up mail on my phone and I can respond fairly quickly if it’s an enquiry and obviously I get notifications for my mail.

What’s more, it forces you to reply to everyone who messages your page, otherwise it’s displayed that you don’t respond to 100% of your messages. That means that once the conversation is over, no matter who signs off naturally, I have to have the last word otherwise it shows up that I haven’t responded to a message!! It’s stupid and completely unhelpful.

Of all of the crap that Facebook adds for the benefit of no-one but themselves (does advertising actually work????) - this one has to be the absolute least well thought out addition and I hope it goes as soon and as quietly as it arrives.

So - if you happen to see that I’ve responded to less that 100% of my messages or it takes me 2 days to respond to messages - bear in mind that I don’t have Facebook strapped to my face, I don’t get notifications and I don’t look at it every 10 minutes. I appreciate your contact and I’ll respond when I can if you send me a message. But my Page displaying I respond to 66% of messages and it takes me 2 days to respond isn’t a reflection of my business practice or my appreciation of my customers.