Behringer XR18 - Ipads and External WiFi FIXED!

If you own a Behringer MIDAS XR18 and you’ve tried connecting your iPad to it, there’s a good chance that you’re tearing your hair out. In fact, a simple Google search on the subject will reveal that many are also in the same situation.

Apple’s iPad sync’s just fine using the *truly* *AWFUL* internal WiFi router, but when you wise up and realise that an external router is ESSENTIAL for wireless remote control of this terrific mixer, you’ll probably discover quickly that the Behringer XAir iPad app won’t pick up the Mixer and manually inputting the fixed mixer IP will cause it to just quit cold.

This has bugged me and the guys in Run Gizmo Run and Dire Straits UK for ages, as members use iPads to control their IEM feed. I’ve been using a God-awful Android tablet, which seems to work under any condition, but I’m finally in the position where an iPad will benefit my work/life so it forced me into looking at the problem.

When I sat down to focus and think about it, I figured that there must be some IP conflict somewhere. I realised that the iPad would connect without a problem to the mixer when running from the internal WiFi, but not using an external WiFi router, so the app wasn’t crashing because of an IP conflict with the Mixer itself. So it must be somewhere else.

Looking at the Gateway IP for the External Router, it’s IP was identical to that of the Mixer. The Samsung Tablet and all connected Mac’s seemed to be fine with this condition, but I wondered if the iPad wouldn’t accept it.

• So I set the TP Link WiFi Booster (£20 from Pc World!) as a STATIC IP, which automatically presented me with an IP address of No reason not to keep it, so I did.

• I set the LAN settings of the XR18 to DCHP and the iPad discovered