The White Room is a recording production studio in Southampton, Hampshire, for artists and songwriters as well as established bands. Work with a professional Recording Engineer and Producer to create full commercial productions.

• Pro Tools HD
• SSL Console
• Kemper Profiling amp.
Every Guitar and Bass Amp you could ever want!
• Virtual 'Neve' and 'SSL' Studio. Get that "sound"!
• Exceptional PreAmps
• Yamaha and Roland Synths
• Fender and Gibson guitars and basses
• Synths and Samplers including Native Instruments, Korg, Yamaha, AIR, ToonTrack
• Enormous Loop Library for producing Electronic and Urban styles
• Educated and Experienced Audio Engineer. Certified Expert and Avid Instructor for Pro Tools

• Re-amping service also available for a very small cost. Turn your home DAW recordings into pure magic.
• MIDI conversion service - send us your MIDI tracks and we'll bounce them through our vast library of software instruments

Continue on down the page to see how we cater for Singer/Songwriters and Bands.

Are you a Singer/Songwriter or an Artist?

Typically, singer/songwriters play a single instrument, write and perform their own songs. To enable them to turn their songs into full band arrangements, they'd need a band around them. However, this can get expensive if you're hiring in session musicians. Recording your projects at The White Room means that you don't need to hire in additional musicians to fill out your songs - the Producer will do it all for you.

• Full drum production using advanced MIDI composition and true to life sample library...

• ...or use drum loops from our extensive library of drum samples.

• Work with a Producer who is an expert in Music Theory, chord construction, harmony and top line melody.

• Work with a Producer who plays guitar, bass and keyboards who also has vocal ability and the knowledge to create complex harmony.

• Develop your songs with our Producer to ensure consistent context, perspective, story and structure in your songs.

• If you're an untrained vocalist, we use industry standard vocal tuning software.

• Get that expensive "SSL" or "Neve" sound in our Virtual Studios - created with our unique knowledge of software and signal flow.

• 32 bit / 96k recording. Future proof your recording assets to derive future audio from in any format.

Are you in a band?

White Room offers a cost effective solution for your band to record everything from demos to full commercial albums. Our facilities and equipment matches up to other studios in the area providing you the 'sound' of a commercial recording studio, without the cost attached.

For the moment, The White Room doesn't provide on site access to a Live Room. However, when bands hire a studio for their recordings, they're paying for the uses of the live rooms whether they are in there or not. These days, a majority of work is completed in the Control Room with guitar amps in dead rooms or cabinets and with our Kemper Profiling amp, you'll have access to almost
any amp you could dream of!

When recording with the Producer and Engineer at White Room, the parts of your recordings that need to be live will be recorded at a remote location and the rest will be recorded at The White Room, where a live room isn't required.

• Full bands can be recorded with The White Room

• Free choice of Live Room locations - find that perfect room or space.

• Only pay for the Live Room during the tracking - no need to pay during guitar, bass or vocal tracking. No need to pay for Live Rooms during mixing or mastering.

• Kemper Profiling Amp provides almost any amp in history including Fender, Vox, Engl, Reinhart, Conford, Marshall and so many more!

• Get that "SSL" or "Neve" sound in our Virtual Studios - created with our unique knowledge of software and signal flow.

• 32 bit / 96k recording. Future proof your recording assets to derive future audio from in any format.

• Work with an expert Engineer who can also take the role of Producer. Our Producer is highly knowledgeable in Music Theory and songwriting - and is a multi instrumentalist - and will be able to understand what you're trying to achieve in your music.

Audio Examples of our work

Contact Dave @ White Room

If you would like to book a session, or just talk about a project that you're considering, please contact me by the following means:

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