Home recording has become ultra accessible these days with full recording packages being given away for free with computers and devices. While these are great for getting down ideas and basic production, boutique equipment used by professional musicians and studio engineers isn't so cheap!

So if you want a professional drum productions, screaming 5150 guitar sounds, crunchy and present bass tones or glossy synths with fat bass, the cost of the software or the hardware is pretty high.

So, White Room is offering the opportunity for pay as you go sound production for your MIDI tracks, guitar and bass recordings and more.

Do you want to put your guitar through a classic Marshall JCM800, Fender Twin or Vox AC30? Do need some very low bass in your DubStep track? Do you want to run your Vocal through an SSL G Series Desk with a little Tape saturation and some LA-2A compression? Read below....

Re-Amping available with White Room Studios

If you're a guitar player, you'll be aware of the Kemper Profiling Amp. It's the literal 'box of tricks' that contains accurate profiles of almost any Guitar and Bass amp / cabinet in history. And if it's not in the box, it'll be available online in amongst the thousands of profiles that Kemper users across the world share with each other.

You'll also be aware of it's cost! So White Room is making our Kemper Amp available to you with a Re-Amping service like no other.

• Send us the guitar tracks that you've recorded in your home studio via a file transfer service such as Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Drive, etc.

• Give us an idea of what amp you'd like to go through and who you'd like to sound like and we'll run your guitar track through our Kemper.

• We'll upload it for you to hear and approve online.

• Pay the bill and we'll send your new guitar back to you.

• Import it back into your song, add some effects and 'voila' - you've got a guitar track that would have cost you hundreds!!

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now for prices. It's lower than you think!

MIDI "Re-Amping"

If you're recording at home, there's a good chance that MIDI is playing a big part of your productions. Programmes like Garageband, Logic and Pro Tools provide some great instruments as part of the install, but they do miss that 'wow' factor that producers and composers want to transform their productions.

So how about we offer 're-amping' for MIDI files as well? Here's a list of the MIDI instruments we can offer you:

• Superior Drummer including Noble & Cooley, Tama, Premier, Ludwig and more. Drum tracks can be delivered in multi track format to include the individual elements along with OverHead, Room and Ambient stereo tracks or we can send you a simple stereo mix.

• Korg classic synths including the Korg M1, MS-20 and Polysix.

• Kontakt 5 synths including Reaktor and Monark.

• Wonderful pianos and EPs including Steinway, the Maverick "grand" and Alicia's "Keys".

• Full, lush, Orchestral ensembles.

• Energetic brass sections

• Amazing contemporary synths including Absynth, Razor and Rounds.

• Native Instruments' Massive and Battery drum production synths.

• And so many more...

Should you wish to have our sounds imprinted on your MIDI files:

• Send us your MIDI files with descriptions of what sounds you would like.
• We'll prepare a few different options, bounce, and upload the tracks for you to listen to.
• Pay the bill and we'll send you your files back with lush, rich, sounds.

Send us as many tracks as you'd like - just contact us for a quote based on the number of tracks that you'd like converting.

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Maybe you'd like to bring your MIDI tracks to White Room and have a scan through yourself to find the sounds you'd like. Contact us now for a quote based on our hourly rate. We have both Pro Tools HD and Logic Pro X available for you to use.

Audio Examples of our work

Credits and Copyrights

Everytime and Believe in Yourself: Words and Music by Dave Phillips. All copyright held by Dave Phillips Music.

My Child: Words and Music by Ian Booker Music. All Copyrights held by Ian Booker Music.

Soldier of Fortune: Words and Music by Martin Lennon. All Copyrights held by Martin Lennon.

Painted Glass: Words and Music by Jack Williams. All copyrights held by Daylight Music Productions

6s and 7s: Words and Music by Samantha Rowles, Elliott Rudge and Dave Phillips. All copyrights held by Dave Phillips Music.

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I cover the breadth of the south / mid UK including Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Sussex, Kent, Birmingham, Oxford, South Wales and London.
I am prepared to go further, however additional travel costs will be incurred.

If you would like to book a session, or just talk about a project that you're considering, please contact me by the following means:

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