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In the 80's and 90's, Recording Technology was only really the domain of commercial studios and those who could afford it. In 2018, Music Technology has been freely available to everyone who can own a computer through either Free to use Software such as Audacity, or inclusive free giveaways such as Apple's Garageband. As such, anyone with a computer now has, probably, more recording tools at their fingertips than professional did back in the heyday of recording.

However, the skills to use this technology to it's fullest potential is something that still remains within the Recording Engineering community.

Recording is fun, fulfilling, creative and expressive... but it's also hard!!

Whether it be the science behind frequency content, the mathematics involved in sample delay or the 4 dimension thinking that's required to understanding signal routing, there are many barriers in the way of the hobbyist musician being able to realise the visions for their songs because we're told that the tools that were once the exclusive providence of the professional are now accessible for everyone to easily use.

Follow any Recording based Facebook Forum and you'll quickly see that people all over the world struggle with concepts that the professionals deal with easily every day.

While there are plenty of Free, Paid-for and Subscription based learning systems available online, if you're learning how record and produce music, there's no substitute for getting into a studio with a professional engineer and having them not only teach you subjects that you want to learn about, but also subjects that you didn't know you
needed to learn about.

As a Certified and active Trainer for Avid, I have taught official Pro Tools courses for Avid across the country to many Music Production students, Professional Engineers and Hobbyist musicians alike - giving them a solid understanding of the Pro Tools Software to allow them to 'get the DAW out of the way' and just get on with make music.

I now offer Pro Tools training for small groups and individuals to those who want to learn about Pro Tools, and audio engineering in general, within