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Many bands describe themselves as “The Top” or “The best” function/covers band...but there isn't another band like Run Gizmo Run.

Few bands feature a Chapman stickist and if they do, it's unlikely that he'll be dressed as a Victorian gentleman. In fact - Run Gizmo Run might be the only function band in the UK with a Chapman stickist! It’s a thing of beauty. 

With a unique, 'big' sound, Run Gizmo Run is available as both a 3pc and a 4pc party band comprising of outstanding professional musicians and performers playing biggest dance-floor fillers from the last 70 years - songs that appeal to everyone and songs that will guarantee that your dance floor will be full from the first note.

A professional service every time, energetic and inclusive performances, big PA, DMX LED lighting and live hosted DJ provision as well.... Run Gizmo Run is the perfect function band to inject wicked music and fun into your special day.

"Fantastic", "Talented" and "Fabulous" are words regularly used to describe Run Gizmo Run in their reviews and thank you emails from the many satisfied clients we've worked for in the last 8 years. They're hard working, fiercely talented, exuberantly entertaining.

To find out more about Run Gizmo Run, see the main website at You can contact me regarding hiring Run Gizmo Run via the band's website, you can use the contact form here, or you can email me directly by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.