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Dire Straits Tribute is 6 professional musicians very closely replicating the sounds and arrangements of Dire Straits' most recognisable songs and where most tribute bands take liberties with Mark Knopfler's arrangements, Dire Straits Tribute goes all the way to bringing all of the details that will have you thinking you're in the presence of the original band. 

Featuring the wonderful Pete Wilson playing the Saxophone parts, Rick Benbow on keys - bringing the synths and pianos that made songs like Money for Nothing so recognisable, and Mark Knopfler tribute David Knight who very closely recreates Mark's guitar style, sound and iconic guitar licks - Dire Straits Tribute brings the Dire Straits concert experience to your event.

You can see Dire Straits UK's show here, filmed at Hanger Farm in Southampton.

We have also been in the recording studio recently to record an EP, following lots of requests for CDs at our shows. You can hear our EP tracks right here.

You can find out more about Dire Straits UK, or see a list of up coming shows at