If you're in a covers band and you're vying for work to local venues, clubs, festivals and private clients, your ability to achieve good quality and plentiful work will only be as good as your online promotional media.

As a part time music agent, it's incredible how many acts send promotional packs containing poor quality clips of performances filmed on iPhones and handi cameras pointing at the stage, often with the obligatory punter walking past or standing in front of the camera.

Similarly and on the other end of the scale, I'm sent videos filmed in an MTV style and often performed to playback - 'mimed'. While these look cool, they don't really give an accurate representation of what the band is like in the live environment that clients are going to be hiring you for and the handi-cam footage just makes the band look and sound average.

Marketing is vital to a successful business and, combined with the Web presence, the band's demo is it's most powerful part of their advertising and marketing. The band's professionalism will be instantly judged on the quality of the media they deliver.

Standard Showreel Package

This package includes producing up to 5 songs for your show reel to make a 8-10 minute video. It'll be multi-tracked and properly mixed to reflect the true sound of the band, and video'd with multiple angles to be cut together.


Free pre-production consultation given to the band from the perspective of an entertainment agent / client.

Filmed in 1080p HD using 3x Canon DSLR cameras providing multiple static angles to the band.

Live sound multi-tracked into Pro Tools at 32bit / 48k

Up to 5 songs mixed to produce a showreel of 5 - 10 mins

Inclusion of Graphics and Logos

Typical turn around in 7 days

The standard showreel package is £499

…I think it is a really good representation of us and the sound is so good. It's now plastered everywhere and has had thousands of views. A great NYE gig has come from it plus a fourth booking at the University of Oxford and a couple of venues I've been chasing for a quite a while suddenly came in all interested and booked us in :-) So I'm definitely pleased I went ahead and did this, and very happy I found you. Thought I should let you know that your work is being successful for us!
Jas Ali and Covervision

Full Covers Band Marketing Package

This package includes everything you need to market your covers band professionally. Alongside the live recording and live demo production detailed above, I'll also produce a gorgeous HTML5 website (like this one and the other sites connected to it) to give your group a professional image. Social media is also a key part of a modern website so I'll also be setting up and integrating Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pintrest accounts - the 4 main social media marketing tools. I'll purchase and arrange the domain name (www.yourbandname.co.uk for example) and set up your web hosting on your behalf. (Domain registration and website hosting fees are paid yearly to the hosting company).


Free pre-production consultation given from the perspective of an entertainment agent / client.

Filmed in 1080p HD using multiple Sony DSLR cameras providing multiple static angles to the band.

Live sound multi-tracked into Pro Tools at 32 Bit / 96k

Up to 6 of the best songs mixed and produced into a 10 min promotional video

Typical turn around in 7 days

Gorgeous HMTL5 website with audio, video, image and social media integration

Domain name and affordable hosting arranged. (Ongoing costs to the hosting company will apply)

Google +, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud accounts set up and integrated. Includes advice on how to use them to market your band.

EPK's created including riders, contract templates, biographies and testimonials.

£999. Fee payable by Paypal / Credit Card / Bank transfer. All fees must be paid in advance.

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