I am available as a Live Sound Engineer for Touring Bands performing at Theatres and Live Music Venues across the world.

As a person who runs two top level Tribute Bands myself - Dire Straits UK and Genesis Legacy - I have a full understanding of the level of detail that show producers aim to achieve with their performances and how difficult it can be to find a Live Sound Engineering team that are prepared to put in the time and effort to help you achieve the Production sound of your Show.

• School of Sound Recording Educated
• First Class Bachelor of Arts with Honours in the Performance Industries
• Over 20 years of Live Performance experience
• 15 Years of Music Production experience
• Excels in Teamwork and Collaboration

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Equipment Available with each booking as standard

• Presonus Series 3 StudioLive 32 - 32 Ins / 12 Monitor Busses (12 mono / 6 Stereo)
• AKG, Shure and Audix Drum Mics
• Shure Vocal Mics
• Microphone Stands to suit the performance
• WiFi access to the Mixer for Performers to control their own Monitor Mixes

£300 per show, including travel costs within 100 miles of Southampton.
(excluding FOH, Monitoring Systems)

If you require FOH Equipment or Monitoring, please call for a bespoke quote based on need.