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As someone who spends time in the musician forums, I notice lots of people new to the industry posting questions about how to do "this", how to do "that" with regards to advancing their musical work.

The responses can often be quite bland, not particularly helpful and rarely does anyone open a long dialogue with the post-er to tailor their answers and career advice to the indidivual asking for advice.

Similarly, I also receive lots of emails from students and graduates asking for work, or asking for advice, on how to obtain work in a saturated and selective industry.


• 3 hour consultation slot in person or by Skype. (In person is preferable)

We'll discuss:

• Your personal situation and your resources

• Your education, skills, abilities and areas for knowledge development

• Short term and Long Term career goals

• The kinds of work you want to get

• How often you want to work and how often you need to work to generate a solid working income.

• What equipment will you need to work and we'll seek out the right equipment to suit you and your needs.

• What marketing will you need and some coaching on how to manage your marketing on a daily basis.

• Building an EPK (Electronic Press Kit)

• How to communicate with clients, bookers and agents.

• Ensuring you get paid - contracts, agreements, booking trails.

The Goal
At the end of our session, the goal is to have the following:

• A clear 5 year business plan / career goal
• A clear plan of how you will achieve the work you want
• A marketing strategy
• A shopping list of equipment you'll need to buy (and financing options)


Each 3 hour session is £150. Payable in advance of the session by BACS or Paypal.

£50 from your session is refunded if you book a
Showreel Package

Contact me on 07957 940071 or by email to