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Colour is a new model of record label that aims to make local artists successful in their local area.

If you're a solo artist looking for help with promotion, recording and concerts, Colour Records is the solution that will give you the best opportunity to take your music beyond your imagination and out to new fans.

By working with Colour Records, you will:

• Spend up to 15 hours a month in the studio with one or more Producers.
• Have your songs developed by professional Producer / Engineer.
• Have your songs recorded professionally by sessions musicians.
• Have a beautiful HTML5 merchant website for promotion and album sales.
• Have your social media managed.
• Receive artist or instrument development each month
• Play concerts, showcases and gigs on the monthly basis.

It's a dream for all musicians to be able to make money from their songs, albums and concerts. Colour Records will give you that chance!

As an artist focused label, Colour Records artists earn 70% of their album sales. That's 70p in every £1, or £4.90 for every album sold for £7, similar to a majority of albums sold on iTunes.

Colour Records artists will earn 100% of concert and gig profits. Artists will perform some showcase and promotional gigs for free for the purposes of building your fan base but ticketed concerts and local pub gigs will earn you all of the profits. Colour Records arranges concerts to give artists a chance to earn back their label fees.

Colour Artists will be put forward for all significant festivals in the UK and Colour Artists will be put forward for cruise and hotel contracts across the world via Front Of House Management for a minimum of £1400 per month NET.

If this sounds like the record label for you, then please click through to to find out more and get in touch with us.