Dave Phillips Music Crowd Sourcing Campaign to employ Staff

Picture of the band setting up from the Guitarist position

As you can see from the amount of services that I can offer with Dave Phillips Music, and the amount of work that I’ve involved in day to day, you can imagine that my work can get extremely busy. So far, it’s it can be extremely difficult to manage the travel requirements of gigging, the creative time investment in writing course material and books, rehearsal and personal practice time required to meet the performance quality of Dire Straits UK and Genesis Legacy, etc, etc, etc and this can leave very little time for the business management side - Marketing, contracting, creating new business, etc.

While it might seem easy to simply employ someone, sadly the income that DPM currently brings in can really only support a single person - i.e. me! - so I am looking to crowd source the funds to be able to afford a full time salary for a Marketing and Administration person for a period of 2 years.

This period of time will enable the business to develop steady income and enable it to be self sustaining for two workers without putting a financial pressure on the business whilst new business and opportunities are being developed.

Dave Phillips Music will be running a crowd funding campaign via ww.gofundme.com, as well as taking direct donations via our Paypal portal, that will allow me to fund the following:

• A single member of full time staff for a period of 2 years
• Office Space Rental for a period of 2 years

Should you wish to apply for the position with me, you can do so to dave@davephillipsmusic.co.uk

I’m enthusiastic to give an opportunity to a Marketing or Business School graduate, and the successful applicant will ideally be instrumental in helping to develop the business and assist in developing new business.

Day to day activities will include:

• Developing direct and social media marketing campaigns
• Website and Social Media Management
• Communicating with clients both new and existing

Essential qualities and skills will include:

• A high quality Degree in Business or Marketing related study or extensive experience in a similar role
• Reliable and motivated
• The ability to take ownership
• Creativity - the ability to think out of the box

Desirable, but not essential skills:

• knowledge of audio engineering, video editing
• Web Coding skill
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